Organic farming

It includes all the agricultural systems that promote, from a social, economical and environmental point of view, food and fibers made in a healthy way.
Organic farming relies on techniques, like the inherent fertility of the soil, respects plants, animals and environment’s nature, and optimizes together all these factors.
It reduces dramatically the use of external supplies, avoiding fertilizers, pesticides and chemical plant growth regulators.


The European regulation on organic sectors prescribes that organic productions can be achieved using only seeds or materials obtained with organic methods.
In absence of seeds approved organically, given the vast variety, it is possible to use, under derogation, conventional seeds.



Berseem clover Axi
Crimson clover Tardivo
Lucerne/alfalfa Eugenia
Ryegrass Asterix - Obelix - Jolly
Sainfoin Zeus
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