Poliannual feed grass rustic adaptable to different types of soils, even dry and poor ones. Good frost tolerance. Seinfoin is an excellent substitute to alfalfa in hills, foothills and mountains.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

fast growth renewal and good offshoot give vivid forage plant cultivation. It is generally cultivated alone, but sometimes it can be associated with other varieties, such as alfalfa. Good growth on limey, not necessarily fertile soils, but also on sandy or gravelly terrains. It can easily grow on clayey, as long as not waterlogged, soils.


spring or autumn with 50-60 kg/ha.


used as animal fodder especially during spring time. Used during haymaking time with 2-3 cuts per year, obtaining hay easy to digest and very high in proteins, especially for the second and third year. Average hay production reaches up to 8 tons/ha. During the second cut, seed production ranges from 800 to 1200 up to 1500 kg/ha.


good frost and drought tolerance


10 and 25 kg