Crimson clover

Late-blooming variety

Erect tap-rooted plant of 60-80 cm. As the name indicates, this forage plant flowers at the end of May/beginning of June, with a 20 days later compared to traditional varieties, increasing the yield thanks to longer grazing.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

like all other leguminous plants, it is an improver of soil fertility. Good growth in loose and clayey soils. It can certainly be used for hay, silage, replowing, but it is used more frequently for pasture.


autumn or spring with 2.5 to 3 tons per hectare


cultivated alone it can produce 20-30 tons/ha of highly digestive fresh forage. For a good haymaking, it is suggested to mow at the beginning of flowering. If cultivated together with vetch and ryegrass, it improves the quality and quantity of the mixture. Seed production can achieve 600-800 kg/ha.


good frost and disease tolerance.


10 and 25 kg