Annual ryegrass


Diploid Annual Ryegrass wich thanks to eterosis doubles productions compared to normal diploid varieties. Plants are bigger than normal ones and more palatable. Can be sown alone or with other plants.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

annual tufted with cuttings from 80 to 100 cm. Adaptable to fresh, damp and also limey soils. Fast growing spring renewal. Good heading and fast growth. The precociousness of the crop avoids summer drought.


sowing in early fall and in spring with 50-60 kg/hectare


the forage produced is high in protein and of very good quality. Excellent forage production to be used for green chop or silage. Crops can produce seeds varying from 1 to 2 tons/ha.


good frost and rust tolerance. Low tolerance to long-lasting summer drought.


10 and 25 kg