Berseem clover


Well-known forage legume, adaptable to different climates and soils. Good growth at sea level, coast, countryside hills, pedomountainous areas up to 800 meters.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

plant with a specific tendency to vegetal production, noticeable from the richness in leaves. If sown in autumn, there can be an early spring renewal. Usually there are 2 to 4 cuttings, but if sufficiently irrigated, there can be several cuttings giving a substantial forage production.


autumn or preferably spring with 25–30 kg/ha


if appropriately irrigated, there can be up to 7 cuttings of fresh and highly nutritive forage. Production reaches about 50 tons/ha if irrigated and 20-25 tons if not irrigated, being a valid alternative for alfalfa. Seed production can give up to 1200 kg/ha, to be harvested preferably during the second cut.


excellent frost and fungal infections tolerance in general


10 and 25 kg