Annual ryegrass


A recently produced fodder grass, high nutritive value and very palatable for livestock. Used for pasture, fresh forage, hay and seeding.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

generally annual, well-adaptable to medium mixture soils, to limey and dry soils. Not adaptable to very clayey, excessively sandy and hard soils.
It can grow up to 1000 meters.


sowing starts in very early fall and in spring with 50-60 kg/hectare.


Obelix produces forage high in protein. Productions vary from 15 to 20 tons/ha of very good quality green mass. With irrigation, it is possible to have 3 cuttings.
It can yield seeds but it is better to cut the crop before complete maturity thereby, avoiding seed loss. Productions vary from 1 to 2 tons/ha.


good frost tolerance. Medium drought tolerance.


10 and 25 kg