Berseem clover


Annual crop improver, one of the few to be remunerative in crop rotation with cereals, as stipulated by the new CAP (Common Agricultural Policy). Rhizobium bacteria improves soil fertility forming, with Berseem clover, an endosymbiotic nitrogen fixing, exploited by cereals the following year.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

forage legume, erect and branched, recently selected. Well developed stem, rich in leaves and with very tender offshoots. Easily adaptable to many different types of soils.


autumn or spring with 25-30 kg/ha.


highly nutritive forage, giving approximately 20 tons/ha without water, and more than 50 tons/ha if irrigated. Can also be used for seed production, if harvested during the second cut giving on average 700 to 1000 kg/ha.


goof frost, fungal infection, especially powdery mildew, fusaria and rust tolerance.


10 and 25 kg