Forage podded plant used in: Tuscany, Abruzzi, Campania, Calabria, Sicily, and Sardinia. It is used especially for hay feeding due to its huge green mass production. Can be used for green manure, bees' pasture and seed production.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

due to its tap-root, it can survive in dry and hot climate.
Autumn sowing necessitates a mild winter. In spring it can be sown alone or together with wheat or oats.Adaptable to different types of soil, it grows better on non-acid limey soils, low in water.


autumn or spring with 25–30 kg/ha.


fast growth renewal in spring anticipates the cycle offering cuttings with a production reaching up to 50-60 tons/ha of fresh grass, very rich in sugar and very palatable for livestock. Seed production can reach up to 1500 kg/ha of "dressed seed".


good frost and fungal infection tolerance in general.


10 and 25 kg