Perennial Ryegrass


Tetraploid perennial forage gramineous plant, good for pasture and withstands heavy use. Good production obtained together with red clover. Used in proportion of 15% with mixture for meadows with more variety of herbs, flowers and plants. It can be used as lawn grass.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

due to its fast growth, ryegrass offers good crops starting with the first year. It is used in mixture for long-lasting meadows, because of its early growth compared to other gramineous plants. It thrives best in moist meadows, but also well-adaptable to poorest soils. Highly productive in clayey soils.


in fall or spring with 50 kg/hectare. In mixture 12-15 kg/hectare.


good forage quality, also after late mowing. Being sensitive to nitrogen supply, productions are better if rich in nitrogen fertilizer. Being a tetraploid variety, green mass is larger in quantity compared to a normal variety.


Withstands frost, drought and heavy duty.


10 and 25 kg