Annual ryegrass


High tufted varieties, of excellent forage quality, can be used alone or with mixed varieties for meadow or grassland. Even if it is a diploid variety, it can produce the same quantity of green mass as a tetraploid variety.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

annual plant with rapid germination. Good heading and offshoot. Very rapid starting in spring, its early maturity avoids summer drought. Damp pastures can generate more cuttings. Prefer fertile and also limy soils. Can resist up to 1600 meters, tolerating cold climate.


from September to October with 50 kg/hectare, or in spring with the same amount.


sizable forage productions to be used as green chop or silage. Palatable and easily digestible, also adaptable to pasture and haymaking. Crops can produce seeds varying from 1 to 2 tons/ha.


good frost and rust tolerance.


10 and 25 kg