Persian clover


Forage plant already used in southern and center regions. Cultivated both for pasture and for hay. Quick growing variety, selected from plants like Maius that produce several cuttings with instantaneous offshoots, bigger leaves and good tolerance.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

annual erect plant, highly branched with large leaves. Adaptable to warm and moist climates. Good growth in different soils also moderately fertile, less adaptable to sandy soils.


autumn or preferably spring with 20–25 kg/ha.


with optimal temperature and moisture, there can be up to 4 cuttings with a production of 60 tons/ha of green forage, of good quality and can be easily put to hay. Can also be used for seed production, yielding 700-800 kg/ha.


better frost tolerance than berseem clover, but less drought resistant.


10 and 25 kg