Red clover


Forage leguminous erect and tufted plant with a substantial production of leafy matter. Tetraploidization gives the plant a rampant aspect. There are many tubercles attached to roots (more than on alfalfa) so that Rhizobium presence cab fix nitrogen.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

suited to brief crop rotations, generally biannual, but, under favorable climate conditions, it can be triennial. It grows in all types of soils but prefers clayey ones. It gives at least three yearly very leafy and nutritive offshoots. Erect stems can reach 60 cm.


autumn or preferably spring with 25–35 kg/ha.


yearly average production is of 40-50 tons/ha. It is preferably used as green forage or as silage. Haymaking can cause leaf loss. Generally, during the second cutting, there can be an average seed production of 400-500 kg/ha.


very high frost and fungal infection tolerance in general.


10 and 25 kg