Persian clover

DS Magic

Annual variety, branched with bare stem. Cultivated mainly for forage production, it can also be used for hay. Cultivated alone or with other plants, in central and southern Italy, the product obtained is similar qualitatively to berseem clover.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

prefers warm temperate climate but not too dry. Well adaptable to slightly loose and clayey soils. As a soil improver, it is used in biannual crop rotations. Very slow emergence, but rich development and very long flowering.


autumn or preferably spring with 25–35 kg/ha.


substantial production. Forage and hay are of good quality yielding over 50 tons/ha. With a good setting, a second cutting is possible giving high commercial value seeds producing 400-800 kg/ha on average.


Excellent frost, fungal infection and moisture tolerance. Low tolerance to drought.


10 and 25 kg