Common vetch

DS Claudia
Common vetch (Vicia sativa L.)

Annual tap-root plant. It can be used for forage, hay, seed production, green manure and for silage. It can be cultivated alone or together with graminaceous or leguminous plants in grassland. It is a good alternative in rotation with wheat.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

adaptable to different types of climates because of its rusticity. It does not thrive in wet soils, it grows well in clayey soils.


spring in the north and fall in center-south with 100 kg/ha if cultivated alone, 50-75 kg/ha if together with other leguminous or graminaceous plants.


excellent green forage quality if not cut above the pods, with 25-30 tons/ha. It is better to use already formed seeds for silage. For seed production, it is good to use, as a companion, a cereal, like black oats at 10%, or it can also be sown alone. Grain productions achieve 1000 to 2500 kg/ha.


Good cold and fungal infection tolerance, poor spring frost tolerance.


10 and 25 kg