Crimson clover

Early-blooming variety

Annual forage plant, adaptable to Italian climate. Slightly hairy but still palatable to livestock because of high protein content. Can be sown alone or in pasture mixtures.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

early blooming erect. The production of leafy matter is substantial and the reddish purple flower, rather elongated, appears during the first ten days of May. It grows adequately in acid soils but it adapts well to different types of soils, even dry and less fertile ones.


autumn or spring with 25/35 kg/ha


forage production usually achieves 25 to 35 tons/ha of fresh product. If planted with other leguminous or plants, production increases in quality and quantity. Seed production can exceed 800 kg/ha.


withstands frost and fungus infections.


10 and 25 kg