Forage herb cultivated in warm climate regions and in mild winter. Perennial, but can last no more than 1-2 years. Cultivated for honey and seed production, for animal fodder and hay.

Technical characteristics

Agronomic characteristics:

very rustic plant, grows spontaneously along roads.
Its tap-root makes it able to grow in dry climate. Thrives in deep limey soils, easy adaptable to different types of soils, also dry and hard. In temperate areas, as long as warm, an autumn offshoot is possible and can be used as animal fodder.


autumn or spring with 20–40 kg/ha of “undressed” seed.


good green forage if cut at the beginning of flowering. Rich in sugar thus very nutritious. Productions reach 50-60 tons/ha fresh grass and 10 tons/ha of hay. Seed production gives from 800 to 1500 kg/ha of “undressed” seed.


good frost and fungal infection tolerance


10 and 25 kg